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Noticias del mundo grafico.


Noticias del mundo grafico.

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Noticias del mundo grafico.

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Noticias del mundo grafico.

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A novel but not new material, Per-f-off-set is a product used by printers of all the Europe since more than 15 years, conceived by Graphic Art professionals it is created for can be used on all offset impression machine without limitation of size of role or number of impression body.

The Per-f-off-set, perforated, cut or creasing ,it consists on a metallic fillet subject with a band of transparent plastic for each face, the first of them covers a fixation adhesive to carry out the placement on the paper, the second movie of plastic covers an adhesive a lot but strong preparation to notice with total security on the cylinder of the machine.

All rates are endowed of a basis (counterpart) whose utility is to be glued to the rubber in order to protect it, so that while using the springiness herself of the rubber it permits to do punched of big quality, without rupture, nor distortions in the paper, the own and precise cuts (like a half-cut in adhesive,grooves to hold cards, fasteners, etc.....) or crease perfectly round, everything it while it is printed.

Designed to save time in the one manipulated (and therefore money) the Per-f-off-Sep this devised to be applied by means of the fixation adhesives on the own impression leaf, that is to say that convert a sheet of our own edition in an assembly pattern, what allows us to use the own impression registration so that the material fixed to that leaf is stuck in the machine in a precise way.

With the idea of being useful, the Per-f-off-set is thought to be able to be combined, in horizontal, vertical or diagonal, with different cutting heights, creasing and perforated; to be able to either carry out works that need of their combination, fine (50 grs.) or more voluminous (thickness of 0,50 m/m), being able to do creasing in 450 grs. in the own machine.

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